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Verics is available for download... It comes bundled as a package of tools with a nice Java-based GUI and a set of examples. All the components can be used separately. The GUI works in a client-server architecture, either calling the tools running on the local server (to this aim, a Jetty servlet container is included in the distribution), or may call a remote server. System requirements:

  • Sun Java JRE version at least 1.6
  • for remote work, internet connection with the port 8080 enabled

Verics is available for free to be used by academic institutions.


Verics Parametric  (2010-10-05)

This is a full (linux) version.

Downlad a new version of Verics (7zip).

Downlad a new version of Verics (zip).

The new version fixes some minor bugs found and extends parametric verification capabilities of the toolset. Serveral new examples have been also included.

Download and unpack the archive, add executable permissions to the file "" and all files in the folder WEB-INF/apps. Then type ./ to start application.

In order to run it under other OSs type "java -jar Verics-{version}.jar". Then click Options->Configuration->Predefined configurations and choose (remote access to binaries),  click Save, and restart the application.


Download Verics 2009

Downlad Verics 2009 HERE. This is a full (linux) version.

This version fixes some bugs found and allows to change the port number of local server (in config.xml file).

Download Verics 2009

Downlad a previous version of Verics HERE. This is a full (linux) version.

The new features are: parametric BMC for UML and Petri nets, translators of Verics' TPNs to input formats of Tina and Romeo tools.

Download Verics 2009

Downlad an archival version of Verics HERE. This is a full (linux) version.


Download Verics 2008

[zip] Verics configured to work with the remote server (for all OSs) - requires an internet connection over the port8080

[bzip2] Download Verics configured to local work (for linux only)



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